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Florida Certified Circuit Civil Court Mediator, Attorney at Law   
Legal Mediator Florida Certified Civil Court Attorney
For a fresh, new approach to mediation, try a mediator who is a former insurance adjuster, has practiced as a plaintiff's attorney, and as an insurance defense attorney. Traci Taylor has 30 years of combined, unique experience in the Personal Injury field, and is dedicated to getting results for you.

Traci Taylor is caring, compassionate, and devoted to providing fair, impartial, and courteous services. She has a background that all sides can easily agree on as a mediator. While Traci can relate to ALL parties involved in the mediation process, her goal is to help you get results and to provide the best mediation services possible.

Traci Taylor's mission is to provide a confidential, neutral and informal process, which facilitates a fair and equitable resolution.





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